Creating a new bank to help businesses realise their potential

What we are creating

SME Focused Bank

We are building a new, small and medium sized enterprise (SME) focused bank that will help UK based businesses achieve their potential, and help our economy grow.

Lending & Saving

We will provide lending and savings facilities to SMEs through our strong, relationship based model.

Simple Products

We will have straightforward products and processes supported by our modern ‘in the cloud’ banking platform.

We plan to be open for business in 2020

Who are we?

We are a small team of highly experienced and motivated individuals with a strong record in banking and finance.

Why are we doing it?

SMEs make up the back-bone of the British economy, they employ 15.6 million people.

Put simply, the contribution SMEs make to the UK economy makes it all the more important that they are provided with the finance they need to grow.