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Alba was designed with the business customer in mind. When we launch, Alba will be a new Scottish based business bank on a mission to help fuel economic growth through direct lending to SMEs in Scotland and the wider UK regions. 

Alba is led by an experienced team who share a passion to transform SME customer banking; Alba will offer an intimate knowledge of the banking sector with an extensive relationship network and strong personal reputations.

Alba’s specialised, relationship-centric service proposition has been designed to address specific segments in the UK banking sector. Its core focus is the SME market, where traditional banks have ‘industrialised’ their operating model through a reduction in customer-facing personnel. As a result, relationship banking has been devalued and banking ‘automated’.

Alba aspires to achieve its banking license in 2021.  This will be an historic moment in the Scottish banking landscape.  We will shortly be commencing the recruitment process for several new and exciting roles. 

New Opportunities for Banking Professionals

Do you want to be part of the Alba story?  Do you want to help businesses realise their potential?  Do you want to help kick-start the economy? Are you a Banking/Lending professional looking for a fresh challenge?

Our commitment is to be open and transparent with our customers, so they always know where they stand. We are with our customers for the journey, supporting them as they grow and achieve their potential. We want to be part of their stories, and we want them to be part of ours.

We are a young business, but we will have a highly experienced team with specialist knowledge and experience. We are pioneering a new kind of banking for a clearly defined section of the market growing our business organically and looking after our communities and environment. Alba is here to serve and support business owners who are poorly served by traditional banks.

Are you up for the challenge of building a new Scottish based SME focused Bank?

We are looking for people with a variety of skills to fill several different roles.

  • Commercial Real Estate Bankers with investment and development experience, a strong market presence and a proven business development track record.
  • Broker Relationship Managers to lead the growth and development of our Broker network
  • Cashflow Lending Bankers with experience in acquisition finance, cash out transactions, business expansion and change of ownership

Are you or one of your contacts looking for a new opportunity? Does getting involved in a new start Bank and supporting its growth and development excite you? If the answer is yes, please get in touch.

No recruitment agencies please, we have our own preferred supplier list

We're here to help

Alba - For the next step on your business journey.

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