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What we stand for


We will be open and transparent with our customers, so they always know where they stand.


We’ll be with with our customers for the journey, supporting them as they grow and achieve their potential.


Alba is a young business, but our highly experienced team bring decades of specialist knowledge and experience.


Alba doesn’t follow the herd. Instead, we will be pioneering a new kind of banking for a clearly defined section of the market.


As a responsible lender, Alba will apply open and transparent Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles to its business.


Alba will be here to serve and support SMEs who are poorly served by traditional banks.

What we are


Agile & Focused
Unlike most banks, we will not have a large complicated structure and will not rely on computers to make decisions for us. We will have a modern IT platform that supports the way we want to do business, which will be focused on people making decisions and offering a personalised service.

This means we will be able to react and adapt to the needs of our customers, fast, helping our customers to realise their aspirations sooner.

Professional & Inclusive
Each member of our team is qualified and experienced to a high level, and acts with complete professionalism. We work with human expertise and understanding, we can look fairly at each application and potential new customer.

Modern & Innovative
We plan to be a new kind of bank. That’s reflected in our style, our systems and our attitude. We will be here to do what other banks do not do.

Thoughtful & Passionate
Alba will help customers who don’t get the service they need from bigger banks. Where others see problems, we see opportunities. And we care about what we do.

What we’re built on


We’re a new business, but our highly experienced team bring decades of knowledge and insight, gained through successful careers in banking and finance.

A personal touch
We’ll spend time and effort learning about our customers,
and their businesses challenges and opportunities.

We’re a hands-on business, without long chains of command. That means we can make decisions quickly, reacting to the changing needs of our future customers.

We're here to help

Alba - For the next step on your journey.

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