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Alba featured in the new Herald Business Section

Alba's Founder and Vice-Chairman, Jim McColl
Alba's Founder and Vice-Chairman, Jim McColl

Alba featured strongly in the recent launch of the Herald Scotland's new business section.

Speaking to our Founder and Vice-Chairman, Jim McColl, the article shared Alba's vision of developing true relationships with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), involving "a human being who you can sit at the table with and say 'this is what we're trying to achieve - how best can we do it?'"

SMEs are critical to the success of our economy, representing 99% of businesses, 60% of employment and 52% of turnover.  That's why we're building Alba Bank, to look after that community.

The article goes on to describe the partnerships we have developed with leading IT suppliers, including Mambu and Clearbank, to manage our lending services and support our people in building strong relationships with customers.

It's an approach Jim described as "high touch - high tech."


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